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Jul 24, 2012
@ 1:56 am
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Senior High School student Stormy Rich (yes, that’s her name) stands up to a couple of Middle School bullies who were harassing a mentally challenged student on the school bus.

She notified the bus driver and the school who did nothing. Stormy was punished for standing up to the bullies and was banned from the bus for “bullying behavior”.

READ this on Local News Site tonight and I am PISSED. This is so wrong in so many ways…. This should not have happened,…You do not punish the person who did the right thing ,???? ..She told everyone who had the power to stop it and they did nothing …AND….. The school reported that after they removed her from the bus…NO further incidences have occurred.. MAYBE  because they removed the one person who reported it and did all she could to make it stop. ALSO no adult at school she informed did anything to help or protect the student who needed it.

Zero tolerance would be great if it was not Zero Bullshit, as it was in this situation.  I fear the others situations that are not known……. 

My daughter is 11 soon to be 12„ She has Aspergers. She starts Middle School in about 3 weeks ….. I don’t know, WTF? I really didn’t feel comfortable about it. Now even more so……..

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    READ this on Local News Site tonight and I am PISSED. This is so wrong in so many ways…. This should not have...
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