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Jul 24, 2012
@ 8:00 pm

Tues. 7:30pm………..

Huge issue discussed here, about 5:30pm but cant even think on it right now and avoid full on anxiety attack…. (gotta to keep med.s on course to have what I need until refill allowed )  

Can people really do that ? I mean really do it… Not think about something that’s extremely painful or upsetting ??

 I say that way but it  for me it means………………..that I push it off center and have to actively not think about it. At least until I can deal with it better and some of the feelings calm down …. but its there.

Its like a recent burn under a bandage. It seems to send off waves of heat and throbs in varying levels of pain. If anyone gets near it, I sense it and pull away protectively. God help them if they touch it accidentally or not, My knee jerk reaction is something akin to Rage with teeth……not proud of it but its true.